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Welcome to the website of Rubbish Masters

We are an experienced and professional skip hire company covering Wimbledon, Fulham, Twickenham and Croydon as well as the South West London and West London areas. As waste disposal experts, we supply skips and grab hire services at genuine value-for-money rates.

This enables our domestic and commercial customers to clear offices, homes and business units of unwanted items and rubbish under the guidance of genuine waste disposal specialists with a proven track record.

When ordering from Rubbish Masters, we establish exactly how much waste you have at your Fulham, Wimbledon or South West London property. We then recommend the right type of skip hire solution in a size suitable to your requirements. We can deliver skips to your door and collect once you’ve finished loading. If our skips can’t be put on the drive, we can apply to the council on your behalf and arrange for a permit to position units on the road.

Rubbish Masters company is one of the most efficient rubbish removal enterprises in the country. While cooperating with us, you can be sure that you will be provided with best quality services and that all your orders will be approached individually and with all due respect.

We can help you with loading and sorting litter and construction leftovers in order to ensure that your home, office, garage, or backyard will be cleaner than ever before. We know that aside from regular customers, there are those potential ones, who think whether or not it is beneficial to start collaborating with our experts. If you have any doubts, let us dispel them by presenting you a comprehensive list of our distinctive features:

At first, it has to be mentioned that our company has been developing rapidly in the recent years. A small fleet of cars has been expanded to 15 highly personalized vehicles which serve their purpose just perfectly. They are ideal when it comes to removing commercial, household, or construction garbage.

Depending on the order placed, we can take advantage of a smaller car suitable for minor undertakings, but when there is a set of large-size litter to be taken care of, we will then resort to our biggest and most reliable trucks, thanks to the utilization of which, our professionals will be able to load unwanted items onto the container and afterwards transport them to the nearest garbage dump.


Having said that, we would like to touch upon our experts, as they are the main reason why we have been developing so quickly. We hire skilled employees, who are not only enthusiastic and talented, but also remarkably knowledgeable in their craft. We think that it is enough to state that all of them have undergone safe rubbish loading and transportation courses, thanks to which they are capable of handling both smaller and oddly shaped items of furniture, garden garbage, household waste, and many more.

Thanks to their knowledge and willingness to meet the set time constraints, we are sure that we will be able to realize every single task set for us.
We have a permit issued by the Environment Agency allowing us to conduct business undertakings of various kinds within the scope of London, as well as other towns situated in a close vicinity to the said city. Furthermore, the Rubbish Masters firm is insured and all the orders that are realized for our customers are secured by a third party insurance company.

You can be sure that we will reimburse you for all possible damages and delays that might happen. Our employees uniforms and our trucks are properly marked with our logo. They all have a clearly visible and distinguishable logotype of the company they belong to on them, as well as contact data thanks to which you can easily reach us.
We hope that we have encouraged you to familiarize with our offer in more details and take advantage of services provided by our professionals.

If you want your rubbish to be removed swiftly and in a punctual manner, please feel free to call us or use place an order by means of ONLINE BOOKING, contact us via phone, or visit us in our office. We will be glad to help you!

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