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, Domestic Skip Hire in Twickenham, Rubbish Master

, Domestic Skip Hire in Twickenham, Rubbish Master

Domestic Skip Hire in Twickenham

Rubbish Masters believes in helping domestic customers get the most out of our skips in the Twickenham area. Here we point out the need for safety when using one of our skips. If you’re not familiar of what goes into a skip and how to fill it, please read on.

Here we list the correct way to use one of our skips at your Twickenham property.

• Before our skip hire driver arrives at your Twickenham home, consider where you would like it to be located. It needs to be positioned on a flat and stable surface and in an area that is free from obstructions. This will make it easier to load your waste disposal into the skip and avoid causing injury or damage to others.

• If one of our skips is going to be left on a public road in Twickenham, then you need to notify us in advance as it will need a permit. Call us for more information.

• On the day of delivery let our driver know exactly where you would like us to position the skip. Make sure that the area is clear and so we can make the drop of the skip without a hitch. Once it’s been delivered to your Twickenham address, don’t attempt to move the skip. They are extremely heavy!

• When loading our skips, place the large heavier items in first with lighter items on top. Smaller items will naturally fill the spaces around the bottom and you’ll be able to get more in. The drivers see many skips loaded incorrectly. This means some customers have to use two skips when the waste disposal could have gone in first time.

• Do not overfill our skips. Not only is it dangerous but the driver won’t be able to collect as it’s against the law to move overfilled skips. Let us know how much waste disposal you think you have and we’ll arrange the right size skip hire for you.

• Hazardous waste comes in many shapes and forms and the simple solution is this – if you think it’s hazardous, don’t deposit in our skip hire. The more common items that Rubbish Masters doesn’t accept are refrigerators and freezers. Also tyres, asbestos sheets, oil or paint. If you have any doubt, call us today and we will advise accordingly.

Our drivers can work to a quick turn-around. Once any of our skips are full, call us at your convenience and we’ll give you a time and date that we’ll collect from your Twickenham address.

Call us now on 0791 612 22 68 to book one of our skips for your Twickenham premises.

, Domestic Skip Hire in Twickenham, Rubbish Master