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Garden Clearance

Garden clearance London After every winter, garden has to be cleaned and all the unwanted leftovers just have to be removed. Without such undertakings it may turn out to be impossible to start caring for the flowers and trees once again, as everything will be covered with leaves, shrubs, weeds, and overgrown roots.

We are sure that you do not want that. If you have enough time, you will surely proceed to cut down branches and roots, as well as attempt to remove all the old leaves from the lawn to gain some additional space for new plants. That is understandable but what to do with all the rubbish removal.

You may of course burn them all, but remember that some of the leftovers may be still covered in protective foil or be artificially combined with other components that will emit lots of smoke while set fire to. It is possibly the best solution not to do that, especially if you live in the suburbs and there are lots of houses and agricultural allotments around.


garden clearance London


The smoke may annoy the neighbors and  in some cases  poison the cattle, so you should rather opt for a more responsible and reasonable way out. The solution we would like to offer you is professional garden clearance.

Thanks to a number of various trucks and lorries we are in possession of, we can remove both small amounts of leaves and whole tree branches from your house. You do not need to prepare anything ? Just call us and tell our representatives what has to be done. They will visit your house with the state-of-the-art equipment to collect, sort, and prepare garbage to be moved to the dump. All you need to do afterwards is to start preparatory works for planting your new trees, plants, or grass. Isnt it just a perfect solution?

Garden Clearance London

You leave the dirty work to the experts and thanks to that have more time to focus on doing what you really like  taking care of your garden. Do not hesitate and call us today! We will be glad to help!

We can advise you with your local council garden waste disposal London, help if limited council services due to location or any other problems with garden waste that only seems to be easy. Our two men team will manage the problem so you can sit back and relax.

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